A time-pressed accountant is looking for a more straightforward and profitable way to manage clients.


Sergio, an Italian accountant based in Milan, runs a small accountancy firm and has plans to expand.

Basically, he is looking for a platform to better retain his existing clients and grow his business services in order to differentiate himself from his competitors.


Firstly, as a busy accountant, Sergio finds that he runs out of hours most days, which he knows is common for a small business owner. After all, he spends much of his days logging in and out of the separate platforms he uses.

Collecting documentation from his clients, managing the accounting software and reconciling everything with the various banking and operational platforms is an obstacle path full of pitfalls. 

Furthermore, the big concern is that he doesn’t have a full view of the day-to-day happenings of his customers’ businesses. He operates in a competitive market. And wants to offer more valuable services to his existing customers. If only he had the time! 


Since using Quid, Sergio can bring all his clients onto a centralised platform and offer new services, including multi-currency payments, opening and managing business accounts, and providing cross-platform reconciliation services across all platforms used by his clients.

Powered by cutting-edge tech and led by an experienced team, Quid’s growing ecosystem of products are now at Sergio’s disposal. Hence allowing him to extend them to his clients.

Using Quid, he can confidently open global wallets for his clients without delay and monitor them in one platform. Most importantly, he feels supported and empowered to take his business to the next level. 

Ideal for early stage entrepreneurs, consultants, small businesses and accountants.