Our mission is to make your entrepreneurial life easier at every stage.

Our Team

Launched in 2020, Quid is the brainchild of a team of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in banking, business management and compliance.

The platform came into existence to ease the day-to-day pain of company management, and this focus has driven the team ever since.

Creative problem solvers

We're an experienced team of accomplished and dedicated people focused on finding better solutions to company management.

Diverse Team

From different backgrounds, we're a team of professionals who enjoy working together towards a common goal.

Global Offices

We support and guide the day-to-day operations of entrepreneurs from offices in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the US, Switzerland, and Italy.

We wanted a better solution

It's tough being an entrepreneur.

Starting a new company. Setting up an accounting and management structure. You are juggling different business systems and logins. And endless admin.

What's more, the market is crowded with new banks and business providers all looking to service individual aspects of your business. What’s missing is a solution where you can access everything in one central place.

So we created Quid

With Quid, we bring everything directly to you. One easy place to manage your day-to-day tools.

We've built our ecosystem around the three core pillars that support the success of any new business:

Access to the financial system through payment accounts and wallets

Financial accounting management

Business support services

Our goal is to offer solutions to launch, manage and grow your business in one platform. And we're on this exciting, demanding and most rewarding journey side-by-side with you.

Driven by our core beliefs

Think entrepreneurial​

Challenge ideas​

Collaborate to innovate

Keep it simple​

Commit to customers​

Grow together

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