An experienced employee decides to apply his knowledge and experience to start a consultancy on his own.

The idea

Steve has over 30 years’ experience working for a financial corporation and has now, at the age of 51 decided to launch his own management consultancy. Over the years, Steve has gained extensive knowledge in the IT sector, including performing in-depth auditing, managing IT projects, advising clients and dealing with cyber security solutions.

The challenge

Steve lacks the structure, knowledge and organisation behind company management.

First of all, Steve doesn’t know much about setting up a company. When searching for information online, he becomes overwhelmed by the possibilities and the many companies that could potentially support him during this process.

Furthermore, Steve has a key doubt: being self-employed, he’s not looking to rent an office, so he doesn’t know what address to use for the company registration. He doesn’t know that he can use his own home address, but he would probably prefer to keep his personal information private.

With an extensive network, Steve has got a couple of interested clients so he will need to open a bank account quickly for his business so he can start earning straight away.

The solution

Thanks to the simplicity and speed of Quid, Steve can register his new venture to Companies Office without external help.

The Quid dashboard provides step-by-step guidance, so Steve can easily navigate the process by himself. Towards the end of the application, the dashboard offers the chance to use a registered address service as part of his limited company registration.

Thus, Steve has solved his dilemma. He can do business from home and keep his residential address private. Steve is also pleased that, in just a few taps, it’s even simpler to open a global wallet for payments in the same platform!

Ideal for early stage entrepreneurs, small businesses and self-employed people.

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