Empower your business with seamless multi-currency payment solutions and innovative business tools in a single platform.

Save precious time on business admin

Feel less stressed when facing admin aspects related to your business.

Simple, intuitive, and connected, Quid streamlines tasks like company incorporation, setting up accounts for payments, managing expenses, and eliminates unnecessary and excessive paperwork duplication.

Open an account in minutes and add products quickly

Focus more time on growth and less on admin

Keep track of company spending and payments coming in


The Quid ecosystem eliminates the headaches and time involved in launching and managing the individual aspects of your business in different places.

With Quid, you can integrate business and global payment tools directly from the dashboard as you need and connect everything on one platform.

Fast company incorporation and certification

Global Wallet to easily manage same currency and cross-currency payments

coming soon

Maintain company registers and records, and file returns in Quid

coming soon

Accounting software integration for easy reconciliation

coming soon

Access helpful business templates for easier company management

Each time you add a new product, we only ask for the details we don’t already have stored, reducing your onboarding time significantly.

your vision, our experience

Quid’s team of dedicated entrepreneurs work diligently behind the scenes to bring you all the tools, expertise, and support you need to build and manage a successful business. 



Employees starting their own venture

Mia and Nick feel restricted by their 9 to 5 jobs and want to go out on their own. Therefore, they have decided to launch their own fitness and wellness business in their own time and need a simple solution.


An accountant looking to offer more services

Sergio is an Italian accountant looking for a platform to better retain his existing clients and grow his business services. Collecting documentation from his clients, managing the accounting software and reconciling everything with the various banking and operational platforms is an obstacle path full of pitfalls.


Launching a consultancy

Steve has over 30 years’ experience working for a financial corporation and has now, at the age of 51, decided to launch his own management consultancy. Steve doesn’t know much about setting up a company and wants to get started soon as he already has interested clients.

Ready to get started?

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