What is the Quid Ecosystem?

When you register an account with Quid, you have access to an ecosystem of core business and payment tools, including company formation with Global Wallets, accounting software and more available soon on the platform. Every product is fully integrated on one platform with a single sign-on. We securely store your identity, proof of address and business verification documents, so it’s less business admin each time you add products.

Who can apply?

Quid is currently available to most businesses and individuals who have valid proof of address in permitted jurisdictions. You must be over 18 to open a Quid account.

How do I register an account?

It’s simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Visit our website and register and account, complete your profile and verify your mobile device and email address. Then you’re ready to start adding services. Register now

I have more than one company. Can I manage them all in Quid?

Yes. You can add companies once your first account has been approved and manage them all with one login.

Who is Quid suitable for?

Quid is perfect for early-stage entrepreneurs, start-ups, SME businesses, freelancers, consultants and accountants looking for an easy way to launch or run their business in one place. It’s also ideal for international entrepreneurs who wish to set up operations in new jurisdictions. Quid is not just limited to companies; Individuals can register too.

Is my data and privacy safe with Quid?

Yes, we recognise the importance of the protection of personal data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

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