Can I receive bank transfers from anywhere in the world?

April 28, 2022

Your Quid account can accept payments from banks in the majority of countries. In fact, you can receive funds from over 180 countries and territories worldwide, the list of countries is updated regulatory by our regulated payment provider.

Countries and territories marked with * require further approval from our payment provider, please contact helpdesk for further details.

Åland Islands (ALA)

Ghana (GHA)*

Panama (PAN)*

Algeria (DZA)

Gibraltar (GIB)

Papua New Guinea (PNG)

American Samoa (ASM)*

Greece (GRC)

Paraguay (PRY)

Andorra (AND)

Greenland (GRC)

Peru (PER)*

Angola (AGO)

Grenada (GRD)

Philippines (PHL)

Anguilla (AIA)

Guadeloupe (GLP)

Pitcairn (PCN)

Antarctica (ATA)

Guam (GUM)*

Poland (POL)

Antigua and Barbuda (ATG)

Guernsey (GGY)

Portugal (PRT)

Argentina (ARG)

Guinea (GIN)

Puerto Rico (PRI)*

Armenia (ARM)

Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HMD)

Qatar (QAT)

Aruba (ABW)

Hong Kong (HKG)

Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville) (COG)

Australia (AUS)

Hungary (HUN)

Réunion (REU)

Austria (AUT)

Iceland (ISL)

Romania (ROU)

Azerbaijan (AZE)

India (IND)

Rwanda (RWA)

Bahamas (BHS)*

Indonesia (IDN)

Saint Berthélemy (BLM)

Bahrain (BHR)

Ireland (IRL)

Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan (SHN)

Bangladesh (BGD)

Isle Of Man (IMN)

Saint Martin (French part) (MAF)

Barbados (BRB)*

Israel (ISR)

Saint Pierre and Miquelon (SPM)

Belgium (BEL)

Italy (ITA)

Samoa (WSM)*

Belize (BLZ)

Jamaica (JAM)*

San Marino (SMR)

Benin (BEN)

Japan (JPN)

São Tomé and Principe (STP)

Bermuda (BMU)

Jersey (JEY)

Saudi Arabia (SAU)

Bhutan (BTN)

Jordan (JOR)*

Serbia (SRB)

Bolivia (BOL)

Kazakhstan (KAZ)

Seychelles (SYC)

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (BES)

Kenya (KEN)

Sierra Leone (SLE)

Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIH)

Kiribati (KIR)

Singapore (SGP)

Botswana (BWA)*

Kosovo (KOS)

Slovakia (SVK)

Bouvet Island (BVT)

Kuwait (KWT)

Slovenia (SVN)

Brazil (BRA)

Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)

Solomon Islands (SLB)

British Indian Ocean Territory (IOT)

Lao People’s Democratic Republic (LAO)

South Africa (ZAF)

British Virgin Islands (VGB)

Latvia (LVA)

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGS)

Brunei Darussalam (BRN)

Lesotho (LSO)

South Korea (KOR)

Bulgaria (BGR)

Liberia (LBR)

Spain (ESP)

Cambodia (KHM)*

Liechtenstein (LIE)

Sri Lanka (LKA)

Cameroon (CMR)

Lithuania (LTU)

St Kitts & Nevis (KNA)

Canada (CAN)

Luxembourg (LUX)

St Lucia (LCA)

Cape Verde (CPV)

Macau (MAC)

St Maarten (SXM)

Cayman Islands (CYM)

Macedonia (MKD)

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (VCT)

Chad (TCD)

Madagascar (MDG)

Suriname (SUR)

Chile (CHL)

Malawi (MWI)

Svalbard and Mayen (SJM)

China (CHN)

Malaysia (MYS)

Swaziland (SWZ)

Christmas Island (CXR)

Maldives (MDV)

Sweden (SWE)

Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CCK)

Malta (MLT)

Switzerland (CHE)

Comoros (COM)

Marshall Islands (MHL)

Taiwan (TWN)

Cook Islands (COK)

Martinique (MTQ)

Tajikistan (TJK)*

Costa Rica (CRI)

Mauritania (MRT)

Tanzania (TZA)*

Côte D’Ivoire (CIV)

Mauritius (MUS)

Thailand (THA)

Croatia (HRV)

Mayotte (MYT)

Timor-Leste (TLS)

Curacao (CUW)

Mexico (MEX)*

Togo (TGO)

Cyprus (CYP)

Micronesia (FSM)

Tokelau (TKL)

Czech Republic (CZE)

Monaco (MCO)

Tonga (TON)

Denmark (DNK)

Mongolia (MNG)

Trinidad & Tobago (TTO)*

Djibouti (DJI)

Montenegro (MNE)

Tunisia (TUN)

Dominica (DMA)

Montserrat (MSR)

Turkey (TUR)

Ecuador (ECU)

Morocco (MAR)*

Turks & Caicos (TCA)

Egypt (EGY)

Mozambique (MOZ)*

Tuvalu (TUV)

Equatorial Guinea (GNQ)

Namibia (NAM)

Uganda (UGA)*

Estonia (EST)

Nauru (NRU)

United Arab Emirates (ARE)

Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (FLK)

Nepal (NPL)

United Kingdom (GBR)

Faroe islands (FRO)

Netherlands (NLD)

United States (USA)

Fiji (FJJ)

Netherlands Antilles (ANT)

United States Minor Outlying Islands (UMI)

Finland (FIN)

New Caledonia (NCL)

United States Virgin Islands (VIR)*

France (FRA)

New Zealand (NZL)

Uruguay (URY)

French Guiana (GUF)

Niger (NER)

Uzbekistan (UZB)

French Polynesia (PYF)

Niue (NIU)

Vatican City State (Holy See) (VAT)

French Southern Territories (ATF)

Norfolk Island (NFK)

Vietnam (VNM)

Gabon (GAB)

North Mariana Islands (MNP)

Wallis and Futuna (WLF)

Gambia (GMB)

Norway (NOR)

Zambia (ZMB)

Georgia (GEO)

Oman (OMN)

Germany (DEU)

Palau (PLW)

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